By C.W. Sesno
February 19, 2013

@JordanRaanan @JordanRaanan

Andrew Bynum can't seem to find his hair style. The Philadelphia 76ers forward hasn't played yet this season with a bum knee and reportedly remains several weeks from practicing. Apparently he's using that time, at least in part, to go all experimental on that mop-top of his. The above one-foot-in, one-foot-out photo was tweeted by Jordan Ranaan after Bynum met with the media on Tuesday.

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And this is far from the first time his hair has made headlines this seasons, remember the Justin Beiber look he was sporting late 2012 into early '13?

Andrew Bynum (Screencap via @Jose3030)

That dude on the left was clearly not impressed, so Bynum transformed that into the Donald Trump slick-back look. And when I say "a few tweaks" I really mean he just rode in a convertible with the top down for 20 minutes.

Landov Landov

Still not feelin' it Andy? Let's bring it in high and tight for some weird cornrows which he rocked into early February. No idea why he bailed when he did, he should have kept those around until at least President's Day. Maybe it's not a full-on wig, but the Founding Fathers could probably get behind that roll-back look type thing. If not, there's always team Katt Williams hair.

Landov Landov

Ron Swanson school of haircuts

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