Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks

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Beards, Belts, 'Staches, Fu Manchu's And More

Bryce Harper :: Getty Images

Bryce Harper

One of the great spring training traditions is that each team has a "Photo Day," which always produces some memorable pictures suc as the one above of Nationals star Bryce Harper looking like a villain from a scary movie. Here are several more notable shots from around baseball.

Even Though They Haven't Won The World Series Since 1908...

An Iraq veteran, who lost an eye in battle, has gotten a prosthetic replacement with a Cubs logo on it.

It Does Seem Believable

I don't know if we can say for certain that Twitter had a part in the Chiefs firing GM Scott Pioli, but this infographic detailing how it may have happened is pretty awesome.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Michelle Baker :: Courtesy Justin Macala

Michelle Baker

Model Michelle Baker gets today's LLOD honors.

Story Time

Here's a tale about Metta World Peace, cookie monster pajamas and guns.


Redskins fan Emanuel Vega will get to name is son after Robert Griffin IIIafter winning a bet with his girlfriend (a Cowboys fan).

Sports Video Of The Day

The Fargo Force of the USHL are pulling out all the stops in order to sell season tickets. Well done, guys.

Mashup Video Of The Day

This is nearly three minutes of people saying "you shot me" in various movies. Two things: 1) The video contains a lot of cursing; 2) The highlight comes at the 1:05 mark.