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Tiziano Crudeli's Reactions During A.C. Milan's Win Over Barcelona Are Absolute Gold



Over in Europe, there is a phenomenon where instead of actually viewing a soccer game on TV, people can watch other people watch the game.

Sounds stupid, right? Well, not when you live in Italy and have the honor of seeing Tiziano Crudeli go through the agony and the ecstasy of watching A.C. Milan.

Fortunately for Crudeli, it was all ecstasy on Wednesday, as Crudeli’s beloved A.C. Milan orchestrated a shocking 2-0 win over Barcelona in the Champions League.

Kevin Prince Boateng scored first, cuing Crudeli’s “Boa Boa Boa TENG TENG TENG!” exclamations. The rest is just too good to describe:


If you want to see the other end of Crudeli’s emotional spectrum, just check out this clip from February 2011, when Tottenham Hotspur upset Milan in the Champions League and Crudeli looked ready to burst into tears.