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Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks

To Jump In Or Not To Jump In, That Is The Question

David Lee, Roy Hibbert :: AP

David Lee, Roy Hibber

The Pacers and Warriors were involved in a nice little scrum last night, started by Warriors forward David Lee and Pacers center Roy Hibbert. One thing to keep an eye on is referee Violet Palmer. She goes in hard to break up the fight, but quickly backs off. Then she tries to pull a player away from the fracas, before bowing out.

You Can't Make This Up

Hot Clicks told you yesterday that Dennis Rodman was in North Korea as part of a  “basketball diplomacy” mission. Well, things are off to a rough start thanks a tweet Rodman sent about the man behind Gangnam Style,Psy.

Justice Is Served

A Vancouver hockey coach is headed to jail for 15 days after tripping an opposing player during the postgame handshake. Oh, by the way, it's a PEE-WEE LEAGUE COACH!

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jess Gysin :: Courtesy Sherry Wong

Jess Gysin

Professional volleyball player (and NFL WAG, since she's dating Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen) Jess Gysin. who pulls no punches about her sport, gets today's LLOD honors.

Patience Pays Off

After a mere 37 years on the waiting list, lifelong Wisconsin fan Brad Sauvehas finally gotten Packers season tickets.

History Lesson

Here is a look at the how James Harden's beard has evolved over the years

Live TV Video Of The Day

Handled like a pro.

Oreo Separator Video Of The Day

I've posted a lot of ridiculous videos in Hot Clicks over the years, but this may take the cake. Or Oreo.