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Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Kate Upton Strikes Again

Hillside Library :: Jerry Arcieri /Landov

Hillside Library

This sign sits outside of the Hillside Public Library in New Jersey. Can the person who stole the library's Swimsuit Issue please bring it back? I understand it's hard to part with the issue, but if you can prove you're the person who took the magazine, I will mail you another copy if you return it.

Bizarre Injury Of The Day

Hot Clicks has posted a million of these, but this one is one of the best. Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus has missed a spring training game because he has some "sensitivity" in his bicep after getting a tattoo.

Call Of The Day

We posted a "Call of the Day" in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, but that was more like a gaffe. This gem from Georgetown's double overtime win over Connecticut last night is truly a classic call.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Nikee Sawyer :: Picdesk

Nikee Sawyer

Australian TV personality Nikee Sawyer gets today's LLOD honors.

Zubaz Is Coming!

Six college basketball teams will wear these beautiful monstrosities when conference tournament play begins.


Here is Reds outfielder Jay Bruce pulled a solid prank on one of MLB's Fan Cave contestants.


An FYI for you: I'm taking tomorrow off and we will have two new Hot Clicks writers for you. Chris Sesno (@cwsesno) is going to handle Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks and Tom Mantzouranis (@themantz) is going to take care of P.M. Hot Clicks. They're both very fine gentleman (although Sesno never watched The Sopranos when it was on and Mantz hates Chinese food, but nobody is perfect) and you will be left in excellent hands. Be nice to them and send them link submissions via Twitter.

Jugging Video Of The Day

This should actually be called the "Juggling/Solving a Rubik's Cube Video Of The Day."

Kettle Video Of The Day

This comes from a reality show in Russia. You would think everyone knows how to fill a kettle, but you'd be wrong.