By Extra Mustard
March 07, 2013

Doug Melvin, general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, was hospitalized Wednesday when he was stung by an Arizona bark scorpion. It's not the first time a sports figure and an animal have crossed paths -- and when it's happened the results have been unpredictable, ranging from minor injury to death. Here are 11 other instances of (sports)man vs. nature.

Dave Hollins vs. a brown recluse spider

The Phillies reserve infielder landed on the 15-day disabled list not once but twice during the 2002 season due to the venomous bite of a brown recluse spider.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images Rick Stewart/Getty Images

David Cone vs. a Jack Russell terrier

The Yankees pitcher missed a start in June 1998 after he was bitten on the ring finger of his pitching hand by his mother-in-law's terrier.

David Seelig /Allsport David Seelig/Allsport

Svein Grondalen vs. a moose

While jogging in the forest before a World Cup qualifier, the brawny Norwegian defender ran into a moose and injured himself so badly he was forced to miss the match.

Bob Thomas/Getty Images Bob Thomas/Getty Images

Randy Keisler vs. a pygmy rattlesnake

As if shoulder surgery, a demotion to the minors and a spat with reporters weren't enough, the Yankee pitcher was later bitten by a pygmy rattler  in his backyard.

Linda Cataffo/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images Linda Cataffo/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

The Colorado Rockies vs. thousands of bees

Thousands of bees swarmed around a camera bay at Coors Field during a 2012 game between the Rockies and Diamondbacks, prompting a delay -- and, shortly after, the arrival of a beekeeper with a large vacuum cleaner.


Darren Barnard vs. his puppy

The Welsh footballer was housebreaking his new puppy when he slipped on a puddle of its urine and ripped a knee ligament that sidelined him for five months during the 1999 season.

Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

Nolan Ryan vs. a coyote

The Hall of Fame hurler's career was briefly interrupted in 1985 when a coyote bit him on his non-pitching hand while he was tending cattle on his Texas ranch.

Focus on Sport/Getty Images Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Mistar vs. a herd of pigs

The Indonesian footballer was tragically killed at 25 years old when a stampede of pigs charged across his team's practice field in 1995.

Bryan Robinson vs. his dog

In 2002, the Bears defensive end tripped over his dog, tumbled down a staircase backwards and suffered two broken wrists.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Julio Arca vs. a jellyfish

In 2004, the Argentine midfielder was hospitalized after being stung by a jellyfish when he decided to take a dip in the North Sea during preseason training with Sunderland.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Glenallen Hill vs. imaginary spiders

The arachnophobic Blue Jays outfielder suffered bruises, rug burns and assorted lacerations after slamming into a wall and falling into a glass table while having a violent nightmare about two spiders.

Rick Stewart /Allsport Rick Stewart/Allsport

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