By Jimmy Traina
March 14, 2013

Not Saying The Fix Is In, But...

Cedrick Lindsay; Chris Mooney Cedrick Lindsay, Chris Mooney :: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard by now, Richmond led Charlotte by three points with less than five seconds remaining in regulation. Thanks to a slew of technical fouls, (you can see Richmond coach Chris Mooney reacting to one above) the 49ers ended up winning the game by five. Oh, and the final score was 68-63. The over/under was ... wait for it ... 130.5.

A Job Interview Is A Job Interview

It's been a crazy week of NFL transactions thanks to free agency. The constant shuffling has also brought us some great tweets from players who have switched teams or are looking for work. The tweet below from running back Beanie Wells (who was released by Arizona) sent this afternoon is one of my favorites.

Despite This, He Still Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

We know that Pete Rose will do almost anything to make some money, but it's still depressing to see Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader reduced to horrible local commercials.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Michelle Pieroway Michelle Pieroway :: Courtesy Justin Macala

Canadian model Michelle Pieroway gets today's LLOD honors.

Concession Item Of The Day

The West Michigan Whitecaps, the Tigers Single-A, affiliate, will be serving tacos this season. However, the taco will not have a tortilla shell. IT WILL HAVE A BACON SHELL!

Sports Video Of The Day

The Big Ten tournament featured a Gus-gasm today.

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Video Of The Day

This was an excellent piece of work until the end. You don't go from Queen to a one-hit novelty act. (Thanks to @KenScottE for the video.)

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