By Jimmy Traina
March 15, 2013

He Had A Dream

Brian Hartline Brian Hartline :: Marc Serota/Getty Images

Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline, who earlier this week signed a $31 million contract extension, did an interview Thursday from the drive-thru window of a convenience store he owns and works at in Ohio. It  made for great radio.

Using A Yellow Highlighter Is A Nice Touch

Check out the recruiting letter N.C. State director of player personnel Drew Hughes sent to Dexter Wright, a safety from Wilson, N.C.

Go Tuck Yourself

That's basically what the Raiders had to say to the NFL yesterday after news came down that the infamous Tuck Rule will be no more.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Paula Labaredas Paula Labaredas :: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Actress and model Paula Labaredas gets today's LLOD honors.

It's Going To Be A Long Season In Houston

It's bad enough the Astros are going to field a disaster of a team, but now their owner is taking on fans and saying they should pay for a player if they want him.

He Picked The Perfect Time

When a fan at last night's Knicks-Blazers game realized a TNT camera was on him, he made the most of the opportunity by ... well, you just have to see for yourself.

Music Video Of The Day

Once you get past the fact that Knicks forward J.R. Smith has a tribute song, you will enjoy this amusing R&B number.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Bold, bold move by the kid in the back row on the left. (Thanks to John, of Philadelphia, for the video.)

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