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Eventful Night In Cleveland

LeBron James :: AP

LeBron James

I don't care how bad the Cavaliers are, when you come back from a 27-point deficit in the third quarter, it's impressive. That's what the Heat did last night to extend their winning streak to 24 games. During Miami's 98-95 win (which was delayed 45 minutes because of a leaky scoreboard), a LeBron James fan came onto the court to deliver a message to the Heat forward. The fan was not exactly secretive about his plan, either.

I'm Just Reporting The Facts Here

I'm just going to play this straight so I don't get in trouble with the SI higher-ups: Here is a video in which Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker smells ladies underwear.

Well Played Bryce Harper, Well Played

After tweeting about Chipotle a couple of days ago, the Nationals' outfielder was rewarded with free burritos for life from the restaurant. Clearly inspired by this turn of events, Harper targeted Chick-fil-A yesterday. Let's see if they come through.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Barbara Fialho :: Charles Norfleet/Getty Images

Barbara Fialho

Victoria's Secret model Barbara Fialho gets today's LLOD honors.

The Serenity Now Region Is STRONG

At this time of year, Hot Clicks is always filled with links to various brackets from around the Web. This year, I'm just posting one because it's so damn good.

Prank Video Of The Day

This is a brilliant way to mess with people when asking them to take a picture for you.

Sentimental Video Of The Day

With the NCAA tournament starting today without Gus Johnson behind a microphone, let's remember one of his best moments.