Do You Want One Of These Swank Hardwood 'Game Of Thrones' Box Sets?

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If the cover of our Mar. 11 issue didn't make it obvious enough, Game of Thrones is popular here at So to celebrate next Sunday's third-season premiere, we're giving away 10 hardwood Influencer Boxes complete with Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies of every episode of the series so far. (You know it's cool when Omar is nerding out about it.)

All you have to do is be one of the first 10 people to email the correct answers to these five questions to Everything you need to know to find the answers can be found on Extra Mustard, which, incidentally, is celebrating its two-month anniversary today.

1. Who was Wesley Snipes' personal batting coach during the making of The Fan?

2. Which NFL coach was spotted looking through binoculars backwards at the NFL combine?

3. Italian footballer Mario Balotelli recently commissioned a statue for his home of which famous Italian?

4. Which U.S. President once wrestled a man to the ground with a single toss and challenged the mob that had gathered with a shout: “Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!”

5. Who was the musical guest when Charles Barkley first hosted Saturday Night Live in 1993?

Include your name, city and Twitter handle if you have one. We'll contact the winners by Monday and reach out for the particulars then.