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NFL Draft Roundup

Jets fan :: AP

Jets fan

Not only did Jets fans attend the NFL Draft looking like the guy above, they also brought stuffed animals with them. ... Lions draft pick Ziggy Ansah made the fashion statement of the night by wearing 3D glasses without any lenses. ...Vikings pick Cordarrelle Pattersonwas the best dressed player at the event. ... And the NFL Network's Mike Mayock, who is impossible to watch because he does not shut up for one second, got snippy with hostRich Eisen over constant talk about Manti Te'o's draft status.

The REAL Analysis provides us with a screenshot of what would look like today if it used honest headlines.

Man Of His Word

Remember when Rick Pitino promised to get a tattoo if Louisville won the national title? Well, here is the payoff.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Jessica Alba :: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba looks better than ever in this new photoshoot she did for a magazine. ... Brazilian model Raica Oliveirajust modeled some bikinis. ... has posted a new gallery of former Miss Panama, Patricia de Leon.

Jumping Ship

Listen, he's right. But it's still harsh to see the words for someone who is synonymous with the team.

All Wet In Washington

Shaving cream and whippped cream pies are all the rage these days in Major League Baseball. But sometimes a good Gatorade bath is still worth watching.

Prank Video Of The Day

This is what happens when you make people think there's a lion loose at the zoo.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Here is this week's installment of This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.