By Jimmy Traina
April 26, 2013

A Loss In Many Ways

Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook :: Getty Images

Forget the impact Russell Westbrook's upcoming knee surgery will have on Western Conference playoffs. Let's think about how much we'll miss his unique fashion sense in the postgame press conferences.

Wrapping Up The Week has a roundup of the week's best GIFs, screengrabs and memes.

This Is What Social Media Is For

If you'd like to see the fluid that comes out of an NBA player's knee after it's drained, Lakers forward Metta World Peace has you covered.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

The big movie opening this weekend is Pain & Gain with Marky Mark and The Rock. Actress Brittany Cole has a small but memorable role in the film. She's also today's LLOD.

Spot On

You've probably had  your fill of Mel Kiper by now, but just in case you haven't, Frank Caliendo's impression of ESPN's draft guru is solid.

Here We Go Again

The team of a million uniforms, the Oregon football team, unveiled new threads today. However, these have a message.

Gymnastics Video Of The Day


Commercial Of The Day

I have no doubt many of you will download this app right after watching the video.

The Weekend Playlist

I'm in a good mood today. We're in the midst of the NFL draft, which on top of being awesome, also means football is about to take a little bit of a breather to allow the SI NFL team to recharge. We're also finally turning the corner on spring here in New York following a winter that has lasted longer than Geno Smith's Green Room wait.

So this week's playlist is high on adrenaline. Instead of trying to mix a few genres in as normal, this week is for those who like their guitars loud, their heads banging and their windows down when they drive. It also closes with one of my five favorite songs ever. I hope you enjoy.

Click any of the song links to listen, or you can just subscribe to the Hot Clicks Nation playlist on Spotify. Every Friday the playlist will automatically change to that week’s selections, so the new music will come to you. Let me (Tom Mantzouranis) know on Twitter what you like and do not. (Warning: NSFW language in some songs.)

Japandroids, "The House That Heaven Built"

Deftones, "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)"

The White Stripes, "Black Math"

Bad Religion, "Television"

Yuck, "Get Away"

Los Campesinos!, "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks"

Queens Of The Stone Age, "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret"

Closure In Moscow, "Dulcinea"

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, "Mourning In America"

"Cult Of Personality"

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