By Jimmy Traina
May 03, 2013

He Can't Escape Her
Nate Robinson, Kris Humphries Nate Robinson, Kris Humphries :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bulls guard Nate Robinson pulled off this filthy crossover on Nets forward Kris Humphries during last night's Nets-Bulls game. Twitter immediately kicked into high gear with the Kim Kardashian references.

Worst Bosses Ever

Earlier this week, we posted video of Blackhawks reporter Susannah Collins giving us a laugh with a Freudian slip-up on which she said the team was having a "tremendous amount of sex" instead of "tremendous amount of success." Yesterday, Comcast Sports fired Collins. The station claims the on-air gaffe had nothing to do with the termination, but clearly that his a heaping pile of bull. Local sports networks don't fire sideline reporters while two of their teams (Blackhawks and Bulls) are still playing.

Team Price

I already respected Rays pitcher David Price for not taking any crap from one of Major League Baseball's inept umpires, but now I'm REALLY a fan of the guy. After the league fined Price for his comments about Tom Hallion, Price basically told MLB to not ask him to do any more favors for them.

Lovely Lady Of The Day
Johanna Lundback Johanna Lundback

Johanna Lundback should be a household name for her stellar work as a model. ... Bar Refaeli is in something called Go Style magazine and there are pictures. ... Kate Upton appears in the Allure magazine.


Personally, I don't think any broadcaster is objective. And ex-players who are now analysts CERTAINLY are not objective. But it still seems shaky that a man calling a game (Reggie Miller) would actually go into a team's (Warriors) locker room to give them a congratulatory speech after a series win. Oh, and as a bonus, Miller also cursed on live TV.

Animals Are Sports Fans, Too

A gorilla took in yesterday's rain-shortened Rays-Royals game while a dog was all bundled up in the stands for the White Sox-Rangers contest.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you're gonna risk your baby's life for a foul ball, you better damn well make sure you catch it.

[mlbvideo id="26797269" width="600" height="336" /]

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

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