By Jimmy Traina
May 15, 2013

He Must Be An Artist

Via @emptynetters Via @emptynetters

Via the Twitter account of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  reporter Seth Rorabaugh comes this picture of a fan at last night's Pens-Senators game. While we can agree it might be better for all of us if he stayed covered up, you have to respect the neatness of his shaving/trimming/stenciling.

Can TNT Or ESPN Please Hire This Guy!

In case you aren't aware, the best NBA analysis during the NBA playoffs has come from Metta World Peace's Twitter account. If you don't believe me, just look at the gems he unleashed during last night's Knicks-Pacers game. (Two things to keep in mind: 1) No. 14 on the Knicks is Chris Copeland. 2) He asked mom for meatloaf in Wedding Crashers, not ketchup.)

This Is A Bargain

How on earth does this awesome Oregon Ducks helmet Volkswagen buggy only sell for $2,600?!?!

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Melanie Iglesias Melanie Iglesias :: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Hot Clicks regular Melanie Iglesias just released a video that you'll want to watch. ... Model Jessica Stam has never been in Hot Clicks before ... until today thanks to this photoshoot. ... Actress Zoe Saldana did a photoshoot for the new issue of Allure.

Joe Maddon Being Joe Maddon

When it comes to keeping his team loose, no manager thinks outside the box more than the Rays skipper. Yesterday, Maddon had a merengue band perform in the locker room while plantains were hung from many of the players' lockers.

Giveaway Of The Day

Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul guitar Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul guitar

Yes, Hot Clicks is giving away a guitar. A guitar signed by KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer. The exact details: Epiphone is celebrating its historic 140-year Anniversary throughout 2013. The company was kind enough to give Hot Clicks one Limited Edition Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul guitar designed by the KISS guitarist. The guitar has a unique Silver Flake color and black gloss finish. The first person to correctly answer the questions below wins the guitar. You must e-mail me the answers ( and put "CONTEST" in the subject line to be eligible. Do not fill out the form at the bottom of Hot Clicks. All answers come from recent editions of Hot Clicks.

1. Which four teams did Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes pick to advance to the NHL Conference Finals?

2. What song did Shaquille O'Neal start singing when the TNT studio crew played video of Dwyane Wade wearing capri pants?

3. Which MLB player recently tweeted a picture of his broken toe nail?

4. What kind of car did Maria Sharapova reportedly buy her boyfriend?

5. Which A's player tweeted, "Was going to go to the casino tonight but don't feel like getting robbed again" after his team was robbed of a game-tying homer last week?

6. What are the names of the Major League Baseball player and Brazilian model who just got engaged?

7. Which Major League Baseball player was awarded a walk after only three balls last weekend?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Reader David Katz is the winner. Answers were 1) Blackhawks, Kings, Penguins, Rangers; 2) Karma Chamaleon; 3) Bryce Harper; 4) Porsche; 5) Pat Neshek; 6) C.J. Wilson and Lisalla Montenegro; 7) Lorenzo Cain.

Arm Wrestling Video Of The Day

This. Woman. Is. Scary. (Thanks to Nick, of St Paul, Minn., for the video.)

Catch Of The Day

Chris, of Texas, says "Jimmy, our pastor, Matt, wrote a book with Colt McCoy and they filmed some video curriculum for it. In the midst of filming, Matt randomly snagged a quail out of mid-air. I thought I would send the link over to you. It’s only relevant to sports because Colt is in the video for about five seconds but I figured I would give it a shot."

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