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A Good Sport

Manti Te'o :: Kent Horner/Getty Images

Manti Te'o

Obviously, Manti Te'o has been and will be dealing with a lot of crap on a daily basis, so we have to give him credit for taking things in stride. Recently, Maxim  put "Manti Teo's Fake Girlfriend" at No. 69 on their "Hot 100" list. At the magazine's annual Hot 100 party earlier this week, Te'o actually showed up  and made an appearance to celebrate the inclusion.

Need A Ruling Here

Is this diving catch by a fan in the stands at last night's Mariners-Yankees game worthy of praise, or is the effort negated by the fact that he's a grown man who brought his glove to the stadium?

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That's Using Your Head

I'm disgusted with myself for using such a lame, cheesy headline, but that's all I could think of after seeing this Ian Kinsler slide from last night.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI

Natasha Barnard

SI Swimsuit model Natasha Barnard just did a new photoshoot that you will enjoy. ... Emily Ratajkowski, who you should check out in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video, is promoting a bikini line.

If You'd Like To Tear Up

Watch this young girl get a surprise from her dad, who returned home from Afghanistan, at yesterday's Rays game.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

As regular readers know, Hot Clicks is on the L.A. Kings bandwagon thanks to Dustin Penner and his amusing tweets (such as going after Nickelback and calling out McDonald's). Truth be told, Penner is a Hot Clicks reader, so he was kind enough to do the Hot Clicks Podcast on his off day Wednesday afternoon. We talked about the NHL playoffs, his legacy of being associated with pancakes, stalkers and catfishers. Penner had one woman claim he was marrying her even though they had never met. He also had to take out a restraining order against another woman in Boston, and had to take action against a guy who was impersonating him. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes or your mp3 player.

[audio|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=L.A. Kings winger Dustin Penner joins the show|width=600]

Sports Video Of The Day

Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen recently gave a member of MLB's Fan Cave a haircut.

[mlbvideo id="27171711" width="600" height="336" /]

Video Of The Day

This made the rounds yesterday, but in case you missed it, here's a deer crashing THROUGH a Pennsylvania bus.