Watch Jerry Stackhouse Reminisce About the Black Eye He Gave Christian Laettner

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Mark Halmas/Icon SMI

Mark Halmas/Icon SMI

Now that he has logged 18 seasons in the NBA, Jerry Stackhouse has mellowed into a calm, elder statesman--and that makes for boring television. So, when he went on Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable this afternoon, Le Batard and Bomani Jones asked Stackhouse about his hotheaded fighting days of yore.

After talking about a fracas with former Utah Jazz player Kirk Snyder (Stackhouse waited for Snyder after a game and bloodied him up, an experience for which Snyder actually thanked Stackhouse the next year), Stack was asked if there were any fights he regrets. Not reallllly, but kinda (see 3:45):

which occurred during a Detroit Pistons road trip in 1999


. "Everybody made it seem like we hated each other because we got into this, but the next day we were right back together. He had a black eye, but we [went right back to making] salads."