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Andrew Garfield Shoots Hoops With New York City Kids In Full Spider-Man Costume

You never know what you'll see when you're walking down the street in Manhattan.

If you were in Chinatown on Saturday, you might have been forgiven for not thinking twice about the adult in full Spider-Man garb playing basketball with a group of local kids at the P.S. 1 playground on Madison between Catherine and Oliver.


Turns out it was in fact Andrew Garfield, who has been filming the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man in the city over the past few months. Director Mark Webb, who inherited the franchise from Sam Raimi with last year's reboot, tweeted a pic of the impromptu shootaround last night.

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The YouTube user nhkteainc, who posted the video, says the blonde with the golden retriever watching from the sidelines is Emma Stone, Garfield's co-star and real-life girlfriend.

A second clip shows the 29-year-old actor taking it to the perimeter, attempting a crossover before darting past the defender and taking it to the rim for two.