Marshall Henderson Has an Open Offer for Amanda Bynes, Rescinded One for USA Today

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David E. Klutho /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

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Yesterday, Ole Miss' gunner Marshall Henderson reached out on Twitter and offered his assistance to embattled and/or trolling former child star Amanda Bynes:

USA Today's FTW found this offer to be insincere:

Perhaps this isn’t the charitable work one might hope Henderson would get into during the offseason. Personally, I’d tell him that working with underprivileged kids would give him some perspective, get that me-first attitude in check, and show him that gracious winners are always more loved than those who gloat. Helping a troubled former child star get her “shiz” together? Probably doesn’t have the same effect.

Later that evening, Henderson responded with another proposal (since deleted, though cannily preserved by @jttrigga):

His solicitation was acknowledged by the alleged despisers of considerable size, who politely declined:

And still Amanda Bynes waits for a hero.