By Jimmy Traina
June 12, 2013

Teammate On Teammate Crime

Francis Howell High School Francis Howell High School

That screengrab above is from Francis Howell (Mo.) High's Class 5 Championship win over Christian Brothers College last weekend. You need to fast-forward to the 1:54:10 mark of the game to see the celebration where Francis Howell's catcher absolutely leveled his own pitcher. You can then see in slo-mo replay at the 1:55:30 mark and from a different angle at the 45-second mark here. (Thanks to Tim Southmayd, of St. Louis, Mo, for the links.)

Cash In On The Cup

With the Stanley Cup Finals beginning Wednesday night, here's a sampling at some of the prop bets offered by

Series price

Boston Bruins: +130

Chicago Blackhawks: -150

Will a goaltender win the Conn Smythe Trophy?

Yes:  -225

No: +185

Total Games in the series:

Over: 5 1/2  (-180)

Under: 5 1/2 (+150)

Total goals in the series

Over/ Under: 27

Will there be a 5-minute fighting major penalty called during the 2013 Stanley Cup Final?

Yes: -250

No: +195

How many games of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final will go to overtime?

Over 1 1/2: (+135)

Under 1 1/2: (-165)

Will any game in the 2013 Stanley Cup Final go to double overtime?

Yes: +275

No: -350

What Nerve!

Big-time Lakers fan Jack Nicholson once had the unmitigated gall to get lovely and beautiful Celtics fan Maria Menounos kicked out of her seat during a game at the  Staples Center.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Meghan Williams gets today's LLOD honors.

Of Course He Does

Kanye West was at "The Decision." Who knew? Oh, he also thinks he's the Michael Jordan of music.

Feel-Good Story Of The Day

Yes, this is where we are at with Justin Bieber, but it keep in mind that he's still a hit with little kids, so it was a cool gesture for the Colts long-snapper (and Hot Clicks/Carrie Underwood fan) Matt Overton to surprise a group of sick children with VIP tickets to an upcoming Bieber concert

Prank Video Of The Day

Very creative job here by setting up innocent people to take a butt-kicking from someone who thought you were messing around with their wife. (Thanks to Zack, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., for the video.)

Video Of The Day

This dog refuses to be bullied by a Tiger. (Thanks to Andy, of Dublin, Ireland, for the video.)

David Letterman Video Of The Day

David Letterman has a drum fetish.

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