By Jimmy Traina
June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Nick Swisher Nick Swisher :: AP

With Father's Day this Sunday, Hot Clicks spoke to Nick Swisher, new dad and star of this Dick's Sporting Goods' Father's Day video, about a variety of topics. Swisher's wife, actress JoAnna Garcia, gave birth to the couples first child Emerson Jay Swisher, on May 21. How is fatherhood treating you?

Swisher: It's been the greatest thing on the planet. She's just so cute and it doesn't matter what kind of day you had, when you get home and you get to see her, she's just so excited to see you. It's so great, man. Jo and I are having an absolute blast right now. What has been the biggest surprise about fatherhood?

Swisher: I never knew I could love something this much. She came out, and Jo and I were just so ecstatic and it's such an emotional time. Obviously, for the first couple of months, we're just trying to do everything we can to keep her entertained and make sure everything is alright with her. But the bonding me and Jo have had over having this baby has been great. Do you change diapers?

Swisher: Are you kidding? If you need a swaddle, I'm your man! You need a diaper change, I'm your man! I got it down. Any diaper-changing tips for the dads out there?

Swisher: The one thing I didn't really understand is that when they're newborn, like a week old, and they go No. 2, it doesn't stink. But after that, it starts to change -- QUICKLY. That's one thing I learned on the run. Do you sing to your daughter?

Swisher: For sure! What's the go-to song?

Swisher: I've got one that I've been rocking -- Lionel Richie's Ballerina Girl. Can I get you to sing a little bit of that?

Swisher: (Laughing) You ain't getting me to sing today. I had to try since I got you to sing Call Me Maybe the last time I interviewed you.

Swisher: I remember! At the MLB FanCave. That Call Me Maybe, though, that thing hit HARD. When it hit the soundwaves, dude, it hit HARD. Let's talk Father's Day. What was the worst gift you got your dad?

Swisher: I think I did the traditional cheesy Father's Day tie. I think that's a go-to for everybody. And I'm not really a tie guy, and my father wasn't at the time, either. Any last-minute gift ideas for people who haven't bought their dad anything yet?

Swisher: Lock it up with Dick's Sporting Goods. Go buy your dad a new basketball, some fishing gear. But the main thing we're trying to push is to spend time with your dad. A lot of people don't get to see their families a whole heap, so what Dick's is promoting is that the greatest gift you can give someone is spending time with them. And that means so much more than a token gift. You've been wearing a Bro-Ohio shirt latey.

Swisher: Yeah, you like that? Well, come on, as a Yankees fan, I can't say I like that. But I do like the fact that you embrace your bro-ness.

Swisher: (Laughing) Somebody brought that to my attention, so I was like, "Let's try to do some damage with this and own it." What are some tips for being a bro?

Swisher: You gotta be cool, man. You gotta enjoy what you do. But "bro" can also mean a lot of different things. For example, you know that person you saw at a Christmas party three years ago and you see him again and you remember his face, but you don't remember his name? Perfect bro moment. Any don'ts for being a bro?

Swisher: Don't be a hater. Just enjoy life. Do you miss New York?

Swisher: I do. That place was so amazing to me. But I could not be more happy being in Cleveland. The people here have treated us so amazing. The biggest thing we wanted to do coming in here was make being a Cleveland Indian cool again, and I think we're doing a little bit of that.  I was born in Columbus. That Ohio State love goes statewide. It's been a homecoming for me, and just to be able to be back and represent the Indians is an honor. What's the vibe in Cleveland these days on LeBron James as he goes for another NBA title?

Swisher: It's kinda split down the middle. Obviously, there are a lot of people here in the great state of Ohio that don't like what happened, but there are a lot of people who still support him. Prediction for the series?

Swisher: It's hard to say. The Heat have the talent to win it, but the camaraderie and the way the Spurs play a team game is tough. How about we go Heat in 7.

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The Weekend Playlist By Tom Mantzouranis

OK, let me just get it out of the way up front: There is no Yeezus here. Kanye's new album leaked today, causing an apocalypse we haven't seen in the musical corners of Twitter since My Bloody Valentine dropped their new album in February. My relationship with Ye is complex: I hate the person, respect his talent and ability to pioneer, miss his soul-era sound -- but Yeezus is very good. You can be sure there'll be a cut off the album on next week's playlist after its proper release. Until then, you'll have to do some creative Googling to hear it.

As always, click any of the song links to listen, or you can just subscribe to the Hot Clicks Nation playlist on Spotify. Every Friday, the playlist will automatically change to that week’s selections, so the new music will come to you. Let me (Tom Mantzouranis) know on Twitter what you like and what you do not. (Warning: NSFW language in some songs.)

The Postal Service, "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight"

The Child Of Lov, "Fly"

Daft Punk, "Instant Crush"

The Boy Least Likely To, "I Keep Falling In Love With You Again"

Skee-Lo, "I Wish"

Dirty Projectors, "The Socialites (AlunaGeorge remix)"

Baths, "Miasma Sky"

Beach Fossils, "Clash The Truth"

Smith Westerns, "Varsity"

"I Sat By The Ocean"

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