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Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Just Delete Your Account Now

Alex Rodriguez :: Troy Rizzo/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez

It was announced today that controversial Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez had recently joined Twitter. Just based on the G-rated responses I've compiled, it would be wise if A-Rod didn't read his mentions. Of course, A-Rod rarely does anything wise, so hopefully he has the thickest skin around.

And People Say It Doesn't Pay To Gamble...

It seems that one person in the world expected Rafael Nadalto lose his first-round Wimbledon match today. Or they just has a gambling problem.

Fun Times In Toronto

Blue Jays shortstop Munenori Kawasaki hit his first major league home run Friday night and Toronto capped another great weekend off by winning its 11th straight game on Sunday. Therefore, there was only one thing for Kawasaki to do on the team's flight to Tampa afterward -- dance. Meanwhile, Blue Jays relievers Casey Janssen, Darren Oliver, Steve Delabar, Brett Cecil and Neil Wagner have re-enactedKevin Costner's famous speech from Bull Durham.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Genesis Rodriguez :: Getty Images

Genesis Rodriguez :: Getty Images

Mark, of Porterville, Calif., says, "Do me a solid, will ya? I suffered through the movie Identify Thief last night. The only thing that I enjoyed in that movie was Genesis Rodriguez and her accent. She deserves to be LLOD!" Rodriguez is also a huge Heat fan, so this does seem like a good time to give her LLOD honors.

Very Cool

The University of Central Florida basketball team will be playing on a blacktop-like court next season.

Ridiculous Story Of The Day

With the dog days of the sports calendar here, Hot Clicks is going to feature more ridiculous/head-scratching/you-can't-make-this-stuff-up stories throughout the summer. Today's tale is about a woman who used Craigslist to find a hitman -- to kill her father. (Thanks to Andy, of Dubuque, Iowa, for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

Here's a song that mocks all those YouTube videos in which one person plays all the parts of a song. (Warning: Song contains curses.)

Climbing The Wall Video Of The Day

(Thanks to Reymon Rubio, of Forest Hills, N.Y., for the video.)