By Mike Bebernes
July 10, 2013


Photo by Jamie McDonald - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images Photo by Jamie McDonald - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Smart phone+Glasses Frames+Duct Tape = Makeshift Flat screen. (All times Eastern)


Soccer FIFA U20 World Cup Semifinals: France vs. Ghana, 10:47a.m. and Iraq vs. Uruguay, 1:47 (ESPNU & ESPN3)

Brazil recently ended Spain's absurd run of international tourney victories. Iraq and Ghana each have the opportunity the win the first World Cup of any kind (U20 or big boy) for their respective continents. I have it on good authority from a friend who just visited Africa that the Ghanians are in full-on freak out mode.


Soccer Chicago Fire vs. Club America, 8:30p.m. (ESPN2 & ESPN3)

Goodwill games between MLS and Mexican League teams are the all rage right now. The timing is good, considering a possible showdown between the national squads in the Gold Cup that would crank the animus back to 11 WHERE IT BELONGS.

TV Top Shot All Stars, 10:00p.m. (History)

The reality-TV elements have been cast aside for this competition of all stars from previous seasons, distilling the show down to a pure shooting mastery challenge. Good thing, because tribal councils and loaded firearms don't mix.

TV The Challenge: Rivals II, 10:00p.m (MTV)

Everybody's favorite quasi-sport is back with its brilliant frenemies premise. There have been rumors of rampant use of performance enhancers amongst the cast, but they also spend their nights consuming endless bottles of performance inhibitors. It all evens out in the end.

Injured Reserve

TV Jim Rome on Showtime, 10:00 (Showtime)

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