Tinderviews: Using a Social Dating App to Discuss the Hottest Topics in Sports

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The dating app Tinder is a wonderful utility: It allows you to swipe through photos of people in your area, selecting anyone that you find attractive, and if any of them select you in return, you're able to chat. Although some people might get weird with this power, I did not. I simply swiped "Yes" to every woman presented and then asked any subsequent matches about the hottest talking points in Major League Baseball. Just as the app developers intended.

This Tinderer had no real interest in the Orioles' Chris Davis and his pursuit of a number of home runs that some people (him) consider the actual home run record.

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One Tinder-person, however, foresaw a power regression by Davis in the second half. Act accordingly, fantasy GMs.

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This user clearly didn't have a source in the Braun camp.

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One Tinderella deftly turned the tables*.


*Tinderview was conducted one day prior to ARod's new "quad injury," before it was apparent that he's finalizing plans to disappear forever to an island estate in the Maldives.

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Judging from two testimonials on Tinder, the public doesn't care about MLB players using steroids. MEDIA CREATION.

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The best prediction come from an objective source.

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This last user displayed impressive candor and patience despite being unfamiliar with the topic.


Right you are, [name redacted]. Right you are.