Derrick Rose says he's the best player in the NBA

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Apparently, Chicago Bulls guard and former MVP Derrick Rose lives in world where LeBron James isn't the clear-cut best player in the world. In an interview with CNN (h/t to them for the clip), Rose was asked who he thought was the best player in the  league. His response: Derrick Rose.

It was so startling an answer, even the CNN editor couldn't help but mock Rose, who happens to be coming off an ACL injury that kept him out for the 2012 season -- you remember, a season in which LeBron James and Kevin Durant eviscerated the rest of the league.

CNN's Pedro Pinto even laughed at the answer and asked Rose essentially 'Are you sure?' The camera took a closeup of Rose's face during his response -- which was 'yeah' -- as if to say 'Look, he's even saying it with a straight face.'

My response: