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Keep This Handy, Johnny

Johnny Manziel :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel  (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

As we told you in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, Johnny Manziel had a rough weekend on many fronts. Obviously, this was not the first time the Texas A&M quarterback has been involved in controversy (some legit and some contrived). Since he's become the media's go-to guy for wacky stories and questionable behavior, is here to help. The site has made Johnny Football this official apology template.

Way To Go, Ryan Braun

In need of a good PR jolt after the Ryan Braun suspension, the Brewers have come through in a big way. During the month of August, fans at every home game will get a free $10 voucher for free concessions, merchandise and game tickets at Miller Park

He's Under There Somewhere

In addition to the terrible rookie haircuts and superstars falling asleep in team meetings, the other NFL training camp tradition is making first-year players carry pads. The Broncos really did a number on rookie safety Ross Rasner today.

Lovely Lady Of The Day/The Hot Clicks Podcast


Not only is model and star of the "Blurred Lines" videoEmily Ratajkowski today's LLOD, she's also the guest on the latest Hot Clicks Podcast. Ratajkowski, who was first featured in Hot Clicks in 2011, and is the current spokesperson for AXE Black Chill, talked about the video's popularity, how she got offered the role, whether the nudity in the video gave her any apprehension, and the controversy surrounding it. We also discussed her appearance at Comic-Con last week, her hopes to be part of the SI Swimsuit Issue and more. You can listen to the podcast below or download it to iTunes or your mp3 player.

[audio|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=Model and "Blurred Lines" star Emily Ratajkowski joins the show|width=600]

He's At It Again

Sports fans are not exactly fond of Justin Bieber thanks to this, and this. So I'd imagine the reaction to the the Maple Leafs giving the Biebs a stick signed by every member of the team will not be good.

Can Someone Please Do This

At Saturday's Nationals game, a"Lincoln" came flying out of the stands to tackle "Roosevelt." And now YouTubers have a job to do.

And speaking of Jim Ross, someone should also make a video of his call of a People's Elbow dubbed over the Arena Football League touchdown celebration from today's A.M. Hot Clicks.

News Bloopers Video Of The Day

Here's a compilation of July's best.

Wedding Video Of The Day

This seems like a bad omen.