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So Much Snark

Daniel Nava :: AP

Daniel Nava :: AP

The Rays overtook the Red Sox for first place in the AL East last night thanks in part to a blown call at home plate in which Boston outfielder Daniel Nava was called out despite being safe. (Side note: Make sure you check out the girl in the red jersey screaming "You're an idiot!" to the umpire at the 45-second mark in that link.) The intense feelings from Tampa's 2-1 win carried over afterward to Twitter, where each team feed took their shots.



A Tale Of Two Calls

Indians designated hitter Jason Giambi, AT AGE 42, hit a game-winning home run against the White Sox last night. It led to a pair of beautiful calls as White Sox announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson was sent into a major depression, while Cleveland radio play-by-play announcer Tom Hamilton almost blew out a lung.

Speaking Of The Indians...

Pitcher Justin Masterson did an in-game interview last night during which his teammates dumped water on him and threw seeds at him.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Ronda Rousey :: Maxim

Ronda Rousey

UFC's Ronda Rouseyappears in the new issue of Maxim. ... I saw The To Do List over the weekend. (Very funny, very raunchy, I recommend it.) Rachel Bilson is still as cute as ever, which you can see here. ... SI Swimsuit modelAlyssa Miller has done a new photoshoot.

Baseball Needs More Guys Like This

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw appeared on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Watch Part I and Part II.) The lefthander told a funny story about getting pranked during his rookie season and shared his displeasure over Pluto (discovered by Kershaw's great uncle) no longer being a planet. After watching the appearance, it's hard to believe the very likable Kershaw is not a much bigger superstar in the game. I know there's an East Coast bias, but it feels like someone associated with MLB should be marketing this guy a little more.

Giveaway Of The Day


Under Armour is providing a prize pack that includes its brand new Miro G Gridiron trainer shoe (available now exclusively at Foot Locker and Footlocker.com), plus an iPad loaded with a personal message from Julio Jones and Arian Foster. (You can see the prize pack here.) The first person to e-mail me (Jimmy_Traina@simail.com) the correct answers to the questions below wins the prize package. You must e-mail me (do not fill out the form at the bottom) and put "CONTEST" in the subject line in order to be eligible. All answers come from recent Hot Clicks.

1. In which year was Emily Ratajkowski first featured as a Lovely Lady of the Day in Hot Clicks?

2. During the filming of her Carl's Jr. commercial, Ratajkowski took at least how many bites of a hamburger?

3. The football player who celebrated a touchdown by doing a People's Elbow plays for which Arena League team?

4. Which Major League Baseball team is holding a sleepover for its fans?

5. Which NFL player said he doesn't eat vegetables because they make you weak?

6. Which baseball team now serves a beer with a frozen foam top?

7. Which Major League Baseball pitcher recently struck out a batter while chewing his necklace?

UPDATE: CONTEST IS OVER. Reader Joseph Chao was the winner. Answers were 1) 2011; 2) 100; 3) Utah Blaze; 4) Mets; 5) Colin Kaepernick; 6) Dodgers; 7) Samuel Deduno.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Model and star of the "Blurred Lines" videoEmily Ratajkowski joined the latest Hot Clicks Podcast. Ratajkowski talked about the video's popularity, how she got offered the role, whether the nudity in the video gave her any apprehension, and the controversy surrounding it. We also discussed her appearance at Comic-Con last week, her hopes to be part of the SI Swimsuit Issue and more. You can listen to the podcast below or download it to iTunes or your mp3 player.

[audio http://ht.cdn.turner.com/si/hot-clicks/audio/2013/07/26/072613.traina_ratajkowski.mp3|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=Model and "Blurred Lines" star Emily Ratajkowski joins the show|width=600]

Sports Video Of The Day

Remember the clip from yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks of the Arena Football League team celebrating a touchdown by doing The Rock's "People's Elbow?" Well, here is that clip with Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler doing the honors behind the mic.

Social Experiment Video Of The Day, Part I

This is what happens when a female asks males if they'd like to have sex. (Thanks to John Forsyth, of L.A., for the video.)

Social Experiment Video Of The Day, Part II

This is what happens when a male asks females if they'd like to have sex.