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This Is Not How You Celebrate

Chad Qualls ::

Chad Qualls celebration

Hi folks, I'm Chris Sesno, I'll be filling in the rest of the week while Jimmy and his legal team prepare to fight any A-Rod suspension.

Miami Marlins reliever Chad Qualls was pretty pumped up to get the third out against the Mets via strikeout on Tuesday night, but he went a little over the top (literally) in a power fist-pump gone wrong.

Introducing The Beer-d

This Bengals fan who showed up to training camp and met Andy Daltonhas a very practical use for his beard: He can carry a six pack of beer in it.

A Dance-Off Challenge

In Tuesday's P.M. Clicks, Jimmy showed you how excited some Ravens players got when an ice cream truck showed up. My favorite reaction was defensive end Arthur Jones'gleeful interpretive dance. After seeing that, I really hope an ice cream truck shows up at Steelers camp since 320-pound lineman Steve Mclendonhas been taking ballet lessons since college and I'd assume he'd surely be able to top that.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Gabriella Wilde :: Getty Images

Gabriella Wilde

Larry K. of Wilton, Conn., says: "Gabriella Wilde: British aristocracy, check. Smoke show, check. How is she not your LLOD?" Since Larry makes a very compelling argument and Wilde has never been featured in Hot Clicks before, I'll encourage you to check out her recent photoshoot for V Magazine. ... Olivia Garson is relatively new to the modeling game, but her latest work is definitely worth a look. ... Fashion model Alyssa Arce was named Playboy Playmate Miss July 2013. Here's why.

A Note From Jimmy

Even though I'm on vacation, I had to do this emergency entry because, as loyal readers know, I've stated many times that Glee'sNaya Rivera is the hottest woman on television. She proved me right again last night when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking better than ever. It was a powerhouse edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also had on the hysterical Larry David, if you have some time, you can watch Part 1here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here.

Feel-Good Story Of The Day

Life-long dancer Megan Welter joined the army after graduating college. After being deployed in Iraq for 16 months, she tried out and earned a spot on the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading team.

Sports Video Of The Day

Credit to the the Astros' Jonathan Villar for stealing home, never an easy task. But he paid the price when Orioles pitcher Wei-Yin Chen plunked him in the back of the head when trying to throw him out.

[mlbvideo id="29269433" width="600" height="360" /]

Parking Video Of The Day

These pioneers of social justice were tired of some guy taking up two spots every day, so they boxed in the driver side of his car. The result is six minutes of them laughing while he struggles to get in.