By Ben Sin
September 18, 2013


Derrick Rose just wrapped up his Asia tour today after stops in China (Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou), Hong Kong, Japan (Sendai), and Manila.

The Chicago Bulls star played a couple of scrimmages with local pro players and celebrities, which the local media quickly spun as proof of either Rose's ability or inability to return from injury.

While Apple Daily--Hong Kong's biggest Chinese paper, perhaps better known to westerners as the parent company behind those goofy Taiwanese news animation videos--reported that Rose looked explosive and back to old form, a reporter from the South China Morning Post--the city's largest English newspaper--claims Rose "did not look like his old self," that his trademark drives were nowhere to be seen.

Do Rose's moves against pop singer Pakho Chau signify a triumphant return? Judge for yourself:

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