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OU Cornerback Tweets His Desire for GTA V, Gets Shot Down by NCAA Booster Rules


Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest game launch of 2013. The game made over $800 million in revenue in its first day on market. Sadly, not everyone can afford to spend $60 on a brand new video game.

One such person is Oklahoma University cornerback Kass Everett, who recently took to Twitter in hopes of picking up a copy of game:

Tony Jefferson, current safety for the Arizona Cardinals, is a former player at Oklahoma University. That makes him a former student athlete, which also makes him a booster, technically. That's why Jefferson goes "Oops OU Compliance."

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In a nutshell: a former college athlete cannot buy his friend a copy of a video game, because it's technically a benefit to a current student athlete. Let's just consider ourselves fortunate it wasn't a copy of NCAA Football 14 that Everett was requesting, because then the universe may have collapsed in on itself.