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GTA 5 Wants You to Fly a Car Over LA Coliseum

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The biggest pop culture phenomenon this summer wasn't a movie, an album, or a TV show, but a video game

Grand Theft Auto 5 grossed 1 billion in its first three days of release. To put things into perspective, Iron Man 3, this year's highest grossing film, took 133 days to make 1.2 billion. There isn't much more about the game that needs to be said -- most of you reading this have played it -- but for those familiar with Los Angeles, the game was extra-enjoyable because the game is set in a fake LA, "Los Santos".

LA I'm Yours highlighted the various Los Santos landmarks that are virtually exact replicas of real Los Angeles counterparts. Sure, there's the Chinese theater and the Hollywood sign (changed to "Vinewood" in the game), but those who've ventured south away from downtown Los Santos might have seen the clone of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Football team and site of the 1984 Olympic games.

The coolest part? There's a stunt jump ramp near its entrance.


To see more Los Angeles/Los Santos comparisons, check out this video:

Sports fans might be disappointed, though, that there is no Dodger Stadium double in GTA 5, and the Lakers' current home has been merged with their old home in this weird Staple Center/Inglewood forum hybrid:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.09.45 PM


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