By Ben Sin
September 30, 2013

KG Kevin Garnett visits Anta headquarters in China

Basketball stars rarely switch shoe companies. Kevin Garnett is perhaps the most notable exception, having over the years switched from Nike to And1 to Adidas and then, finally, to Chinese brand Anta.

Through Garnett's journey with multiple shoe companies, he's appeared in his fair share of memorable ad campaigns. With Nike, he was part of the Fun Police squad (along with Gary Payton, Tim Hardaway, Jason Kidd, etc); with And1, he famously interrogated himself in a dark room; and with Adidas, he perhaps dissed his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates by carrying, literally, the entire town on his back.

With Anta? Well, Garnett wants you to stop relieving yourself on his lawn.


I'm not sure if the lawn bit is supposed to be a reference to Garnett's advanced age, a la Clint Eastwood's grumpy old man character in Gran Torino, or if someone really did defecate on Garnett's lawn once.

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