By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 24, 2013

Mike-Napoli-three-lines-2-chainz via Larry Brown Sports

As the Red Sox continue what feels like an inexorable march towards a World Series title, it's important for us to keep reminding sabermetricians what got Boston here: Grit, camaraderie, and beards. And now, evidently, unfortunately, hair modification. As we're told by Uni Watch, a previously unreported part of that winning formula involves embracing the motto, "Three Lines, 2 Chainz, One Goal," which comes from the 2 Chainz song " target="_blank">I'm Different" that the team blasts in the locker room after wins.

To make sure none of their teammates forget the credo, some Red Sox players—including Mike Napoli, Daniel Nava, and Jake Peavy, all of whom are grown men—have shaved three lines in the back of their heads. If the Cardinals want any chance at competing in this series, they are going to have to come up with something really stupid to top that, and fast.


Uni Watch Larry Brown Sports

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