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Hot Clicks Q&A: Jason Witten


Jason Witten :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI

Jason Witten :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten gave us a few minutes of his time to discuss fantasy football, his favorite player growing up (Junior Seau) and what Tony Romo is like behind the scenes. Does it bother you when fans get down on you because you didn't put up great fantasy numbers in a Cowboys' win?

Jason Witten: I think you understand. Fantasy football is good for the fans and good for the game. They always want more touchdowns and more catches but it's alright. I think players have a pretty good understanding, at least I know I do. But they always want more. Do you play fantasy football?

Witten: I don't but I have a lot of people that I'm close to who do play and they're always asking me questions. I think it's pretty funny to be honest with you. So you get your buddies calling and telling you to score so they can win?

Witten: Yes, exactly. New England lost a couple weeks ago because of the "push rule." What did you think of that? Did you know about that before the Patriots-Jets game?

Witten: I saw it on the highlights a little bit. I get both sides. I can see are valid. That's just football, to be honest. We go through a lot of situations in training camp and you practice those. Sometimes you can control what you can control. But that definitely an interesting situation. Is this the type of thing your coach may go over watching film during the week to give you guys a heads up?

Witten: Yes, we do that almost every week. Coach gets up there and shows plays from around the league that comes down to situations and what we can learn from them. I think you always want to watch other game tape and see. The NFL is now more situational than it's ever been. Games are closer so these situations really affect the game. Let's talk about Skylanders. Are you a gamer?

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Witten: I am a gamer. I became a gamer since I had kids ... much more than I used to be when I'd play Madden and NCAA football in high school and college. I have two boys so they play a lot of Skylanders and it's become one of our favorites. What was your favorite football team growing up?

Witten: The San Diego Chargers, more than anything because I was a Junior Seau fan. When did you start playing tight end?

Witten: I went to Tennessee to play defensive end and I got moved over there my freshman year. I was pretty hesitant to move over because I had that defensive mentality but you know the old saying, "Coach knows best." It worked out pretty well for me. Think you'd be in the NFL if you still played defense?

 Witten: We'd all like to think that but I don't know. Those guys are pretty good at getting to the quarterback. Let's just say I'm glad I made the switch. Is there anyone playing today who scares you or makes you be on your game?

Witten: I don't think so. I have a lot of respect for every opponent. I don't know if there's just one who I say, "that guy intimidates me." When I was young and first came into the league, Ray Lewis was that guy. I was young. It was 2003 and the Ravens had won the Super Bowl in 2000 and he was the guy you looked at and said, "Man, he is one of the best to ever do it." Junior Seau was one of them, too. It's pretty cool to play against your idol. Junior played so long I got to play against him when he was with Miami. Have you been to Cowboys Stadium for anything besides your own football game?

Witten: I've been to a couple concerts and college football games. They do a good job. It's a great venue. I went to see Kenny Chesney there this summer. Do you have any shows on your DVR you're dying to catch up on?

Witten:Breaking Bad, for sure. And Homeland. I'm into both of those. I'm behind on Breaking Bad but pretty locked in on that. It's a great show. Lastly, what's Tony Romo like behind the scenes? Is there anything people should know about him that might not be so obvious from watching game on TV?