By Andy Gray
October 31, 2013

Boston Strongest

After going 86 years without a championship, the Red Sox captured their third title in nine years with a 6-1 victory over the Cardinals last night. The locker room celebration featured an enormous bottle of gold champagne while the postgame speeches were hijacked by the awesomeness of  D'Angelo Ortiz (son of David) and Kaz Uehara (son of Koji). Fox's Joe Buck gave a nice sendoff to Tim McCarver, his broadcast partner of 18 years ... Bud Selig and Erin Andrews had an awkward microphone tussle that resulted in this extremely awkward photo of the 79-year-old commissioner.

Meanwhile In the World of Hockey

Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis pulled his tooth out on the bench after an inadvertent high stick from teammate Kris Letang.

World Peace on the F Train

Metta World Peace debuted for the Knicks last night and took the subway to the game.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Did I mention it's Halloween? Jenna Jenovich was nice enough to don a Wonder Woman costume for the big day. The least you could do is follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

Michael Jordan is a Chicken

At least that's what Bryon Russell believes since Jordan won't stick to his word and play Russell in a game of 1-on-1. And if you're wondering, 50-year-old Jordan can still dunk.

In Mascot News

Meet the NBA's newest mascot -- Pierre the Pelican -- who was introduced to fans in New Orleans last night and seemed to terrify just about everyone.

Odds and Ends

Chat Sports has compiled the 14 best posterizations in modern NBA history ... There is a 7-foot-2 offensive lineman playing high school football in West Virginia ... The new Dr. J book sounds like quite a read ... David Wells just dropped the price on his San Diego mansion from $8.4 million to $7.99 million ... I could not be more excited for tonight's "Lethal Weapon 6" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Big Papi's Big Speech

This speech by David Ortiz after the Boston Marathon bombing seems worth reliving after the Red Sox victory last night (warning: one memorable swear at :45 second mark)

Remembering Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson officially retired on Tuesday. Here's a look at his memorable crossover of Michael Jordan during a 1997 Sixers-Bulls game.

Remembering Allen Iverson, Part 2

And of course, the famous "practice" speech from a 2002 press conference.

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