By Ben Sin
November 12, 2013

841525 Westbrook appears in official promo shots for underwear brand Kings and Jax

Russell Westbrook is a very fine basketball player -- arguably in the NBA's top ten (or even five) -- but he's fast approaching a point where he may be better known for his fashion sense than his game. A fixture at fashion events, the Thunder guard has been hanging with Anna Wintour during fashion week, appearing on GQ photo spreads, and was dubbed a "fashion icon" by, well, us. Westbrook's outfits are often revealing -- think short shorts, tight sleeveless shirts -- so it's not surprising that he's taking the next step and becoming a full-fledged underwear model.


TMZ reports that Westbrook has signed a six figure deal with Kings and Jaxs to not only model, but also design its underwear. The brand markets itself as a high-end line that offers men plenty of "wiggle room" down low. Of course, if your undergarment preferences don't skew toward the NBA, you could always try Kings and Jaxs' impressive "Bogey" undies:


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