Eddie Vedder Lashed Out at Sacramento in Odd Rant While On Tour in Oklahoma City

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In the NSWF clip above, Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder went into an odd rant during a concert in Oklahoma City last week. Apparently clarifying a previous bitter tirade against the city that became the new home of Seattle's former NBA team in 2008, the avowed Sonics fan wanted OKCitizens to know that he didn't actually blame them for what went down.

“See, here’s the deal,” Vedder said, via the Sacramento Bee. “It’s nothing to do with Oklahoma or Oklahoma City or Tulsa or this state or the people or the locals or people in this building. It’s simply what it’d be like if your girlfriend, who you were with in a long-time relationship … well, you wouldn’t like her new husband. If it was Fresno, I’d be pissed off at Fresno.”

“The people that really f----- us over is Sacramento,” he continued. “When you think about it, and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of f-----.”

We'll keep you updated on the inevitable backtracking if/when Pearl Jam next plays in Sacramento.

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