Pink Shampoo and Eucalyptus Lotion: Article Reveals Grooming Habits of NBA Stars

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DeAndre Jordan always has the smell of a champion. (Chris Carlson/AP Images)

DeAndre Jordan (Chris Carlson/AP Images)

NBA centers shouldn't expect smelly armpits when they play against DeAndre Jordan — target="_blank">he uses Secret deodorant.

While many NBA stars are known for their target="_blank">stylish wardrobes, many are also very particular when it comes to their grooming routines, according to Elizabeth Holmes' piece in The Wall Street Journal.

From Amar'e Stoudemire's eucalyptus-and-spearmint-scented stress relief body lotion to Chandler Parsons' hair serum and cream to mold it just the way he likes it, NBA players have become quite particular.