(Black) Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks

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Black Friday Pandemonium

"Black Friday" Marks Start Of Holiday Shopping Season

If you're reading this, it means you survived your 6 a.m. brawl through the doors of Walmart. Heavily-discounted Xbox One aside, here is your reward.

Shopper Fights


Seriously, though -- don't shop on Black Friday ... stores opened their sales early on Thanksgiving day, causing nationwide violence ...  one guy claims to have been kicked out of Walmart for filming ... meanwhile one Walmart striker dressed as Santa was arrested ... party game "Cards Against Humanity" expressed their disdain for Black Friday by raising prices ... here are as many Black Friday horror stories as you can stomach ... seems like as good a time as any to post this GIF ... Best Buy wanted you to advertise how sane their Black Friday lines were for them with the hashtag #VineinLine. The results ranged from boring to total backfire ... people fight over the stupideststuff.

Strange Sports Deals

Friday for the Blacks

Michael Ian Black shampooed ... Vic Black talked about his compression pants ... the All Blacks released their preseason schedule ... Blackberry is just giving it away now ... the black and white struggled to keep their huddle exclusive ... the Black Keys sold posters ... the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kicked off its music festival.

Lovely Spokesmodel of the Day

Nina Agdal does strong enough work that she could probably be lovely lady every day, but her recent photo shoot for Bebe's Black Friday campaign showcases her—as well as Lisalla Montenegro—at her best.

Odds ands Ends

A Russian Olympic torch bearer target="_blank">lit himself on fire ... Tony Romo was so sick he needed an IV to win yesterday's game ... Bo Pelini does not care for your questions ... Happy Birthday Vin Scully ... Logan Couture is rocking an all-time bad mustache.

Mike Tyson …

Rebecca Black's Friday

The "singer" reacts to her own 2-year-old viral sensation "Friday"