By Ben Sin
December 05, 2013


Carmelo Anthony called his 3-13 New York Knicks the "laughingstock of the league" yesterday, and to be honest, you're not going to find arguments from us. Everything, from Knicks owner James Dolan's insistence on talking about his band to Iman Shumpert calling out Anthony in public to, well, the Knicks' nine game losing streak, it's been an ugly and -- after all that self-hype and manufactured beef with crosstown rivals Brooklyn Nets -- downright embarrassing season so far.

And then came news of the latest Kenyon Martin/Metta World Peace argument. Get this, the two notoriously ill-tempered characters got in an "intense exchange" over pasta.

Seriously. ESPN first reported of the argument, which Martin denied, but World Peace confirmed to the Daily News:

“We were eating pasta. He had elbow pasta, I had shell pasta, and I told him how my shell pasta is better than his elbow pasta. And he was pretty upset about that. He loves elbow pasta, but I disagree, I think shell pasta is better. I don't care. I will stand by that. Shell pasta.”

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