By Ben Sin
December 16, 2013


See the above picture? That was from Saturday night’s Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers game. It was noteworthy, not because LeBron dominated the Cavs again for a comeback victory, but because that game marked only the third time in 23 games this season that LeBron wore his own 2013 signature Nike shoes, the LeBron 11, for an entire game.

We wrote about this interesting tidbit last week – LeBron had been shunning the latest model of his shoes for older models because the LeBrons 11 didn’t fit James' feet that well. Talking to Darren Rovell at ESPN, the Heat superstar said then, “I could wear [the LeBron 11s] but they don’t feel as great as I want them to feel, so we’re redefining them, and I feel like this next round is going to be perfect.”

Seems like Nike quickly jumped to fix this potential PR disaster and made the LeBron 11s “perfect," because The King is wearing the shoes again.


Nike LeBron

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