By Andy Gray
January 07, 2014

Classic Harlem Globetrotters Photos

On this day in 1927, the Harlem Globetrotters played their first ever game. In honor of this anniversary, I've collected some classic photos of the team for the gallery above. Check the video section at the bottom for the bizarre Goldie Hawn/Globetrotters version of Short People.

BCS Championship Leftovers

Florida State fans were slightly panicked at the Seminoles slow start to the game ... FSU fan Cheryl Hines, star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, met some new friends while waiting to get into the game ... Florida State's championship T-shirts accidentally had the score reversed ... FSU ball boy Red Lightning stole the show at the postgame party ... Lou Holtz wants to be a part of Johnny Manziel's entourage. Speaking of Manziel, we had a Q&A with his newest ladyfriend, Lauren Hanley, in this morning's Hot Clicks.

Warning: Don't Try to Rob the Mobile Home of a MMA Fighter

Joe Torrez, a MMA fighter from New Mexico, fought off four intruders who broke into his mobile home on New Year's Day, killing one of them.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Kate Upton took top honors in SwimDaily's countdown of 2013's most popular models .... Eva Longoria is Maxim's Woman of the Year ... Olga Kent knows her way around a bikini.

Attention Boston-Area Meteorologists

Forget inches. Snowfall will now be measured by Pedroias.

Stupid Lawsuit of the Day

A New Jersey man is suing the NFL for not making enough tickets available for the Super Bowl.

NFL Cheerleaders Who Became Famous

Bet you didn't know that Phyllis from The Office used to be a Cardinals cheerleader.

Odds and Ends

Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams had a great birthday tweet for coach Ron Rivera ... Tiger Woods made $83 million last year on the golf course, pushing his career earnings past the $1.3 billion mark ... Chris Bosh paid $3 million for a Dallas condo in the Ritz-Carlton ... Paul Pierce loves him some bowling ... There was a mini Karate Kid reunion over the weekend ... This was not Harold Reynolds' finest moment behind the mic ... Vibrating underwear is now a thing.

Goldie and The Globetrotters

This is from the 1978 Goldie Hawn Special. I'm not sure what motivated the actress to team up with the Globetrotters for this rendition of Short People, but it's internet gold.

Anyone Seen the Winning Coach?

Lost Letterman has the Top 25 fails of the college football season including that time Ole Miss offensive linemen Jared Duke and Patrick Junen tried to give their coach a Gatorade Bath ... but couldn't find him.

Gisele Does Flip Cup

Gisele teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and took on Matthew McConaughey and Steve Higgins in Flip Cup last night.

Willie Mays Hayes Video Of The Day

The movie Major League is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Topps is producing commemorative versions of its 1989 cards featuring the fictional Cleveland Indians. This is really an excuse to show one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

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