By Andy Gray
January 10, 2014

Kate Upton, Queen of MSG

Kate Upton sat next to Paul Simon at last night's Knicks-Heat game at MSG, which I find kind of funny since the Graceland album is six years older than she is. But it also got me wondering: Who else does Kate Upton hang out with at Knicks games? Check out the gallery above and find out.

Forget the Jersey. Find the Jorts

Johnny Manziel was photographed in College Station last night wearing a Brett Favre Atlanta Falcons jersey. I guess that's cool but if Manziel really wanted to pay homage to Favre, he should've busted out the rolled-up jorts Favre wore the night he was drafted by the Falcons. And if Manziel really wanted to pay tribute to a legendary quarterback, he would've tracked down the red-striped, extra-short shorts Stanford's John Elway wore in this 1981 photo. 

More Trouble for the Nature Boy

Death threats aren't the only thing preventing Ric Flair from attending Sunday's Panthers-49ers game in Charlotte. Flair still has an outstanding warrant in Mecklenburg County, N.C., where the game is being played. Speaking of Flair, Extra Mustard compared the inspirational he gave the Niners with the speech Hulk Hogan gave the Patriots.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Gia Mantegna has a trailer out for her new movie, California Scheming. For the Criminal Minds fans (of which I am proudly one of), Gia is the daughter of Joe Mantegna (aka - David Rossi) ...  Ingrid Leon is the Bikini Team Model of the Month ... The hot Olympians of Curling ... The 101 sexiest celebrity Instagram pics of the week.

NFL Players as Game of Thrones Characters

The headline says it all.  

Today's Ridiculous J.R. Smith Item

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski went off on J.R. Smith in a column published this morning. My favorite tidbit is that Smith once ordered $3,000 worth of room service while playing in China, all on the Chinese League team's dime, to see if they would keep bringing it to his room.

Hot Clicks Administrative Note

We just finished off our biggest week on Hot Clicks since I took over and I quickly wanted to thank everyone for their continued support. Feel free to email me ( with suggestions, praise, criticism, LLOD nominees and anything else on your mind. Also, check us out on Facebook. We only have 875 Likes right now, which is kinda sad. I'm off to Los Angeles for a swimsuit event and will be back Thursday. Brett Smiley will be filling in until then. Be nice.

Bad Fan Tattoo of the Day

A South Carolina man was arrested with a Clemson Tigers side-head tattoo, which instantly goes into the 'Hot Clicks Bad Fan Tattoo Hall of Fame' next to this Yankees fan and this Redskins supporter.

Odds and Ends

Not sure if I'm buying the Chris Kluwe-Tim Tebow comparisons ... College football power rankings for 2014 ... This 120-pound woman devoured a 72-ounce steak in less than three minutes ... Mark Messier discussed potato chips, crazy goalies and more in a Reddit AMA ... The New York Times goes behind-the-scenes at a figure skating competition ... Spike Lee made a bold fashion choice at last night's Knicks game.

College Band of the Day

The VCU Band paid tribute to Miley Cyrus last night during the men's basketball game against George Mason.

WWE Legends House

A preview of the new reality show from WWE.

Remembering The Sopranos

The Sopranos premiered 15 years ago today. Here's a collection of 25 great Paulie Walnuts quotes, many of which contain swears so don't watch at work with the volume blasting.

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