By Ben Sin
January 10, 2014


A few hours after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Nuggets 101-88 last night, a couple of curious Thunder related tweets popped up, only to be deleted.

First, Kevin Durant tweeted a photo of himself blowing smoke.


If one were to look carefully, the bottom of the picture reveals that Durant is merely smoking a hookah, but a first glimpse would conjure up images of a JR Smith-type of late night activity. For someone with a squeaky clean image like KD, it was an odd Tweet.

Within half an hour, the tweet was deleted, with Durant declaring his account was hacked.

Fans were skeptical.

But then fellow Thunder Nick Collison quickly came to provide an alibi for Durant.

A couple hours later, Kendrick Perkins, he of the forever grumpy face, publicly insulted Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry, only to quickly delete the tweet.


So what happened? Did Perkins believe Mayberry hacked Durant’s phone? Or was he angry over Mayberry’s report of the game? And why was his tweet deleted? Was his phone hacked too?

A social media night with the Thunder…

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