By Ben Sin
January 17, 2014


The Houston Rockets have been one of the most inconsistent “good teams” in the league this year, looking like title contenders one night and losing to bad teams the next. They took their Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde routine to another level last night when they lost to the Oklahoma City after leading by 14 at halftime.

It gets crazier when you look at numbers. The Rockets scored 73 points in the first half, hitting 12 for 20 from three-point range (60%). In the second half, they shot 0 for 14 on threes (that’s 0%, I think) to score – wait for it – 19 points.

Nineteen points in the second half after scoring 73 in the first.

Well, at least the Houston Rockets Twitter account has a sense of humor and is willing to poke fun at itself:

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