By Ben Sin
January 19, 2014


Less than a week after they became the first professional sports franchise to accept the digital currency Bitcoin, the Kings announced they will be wearing Google Glasses on January 24th when they face the Pacers.

Sort of.

The Kings players won't be wearing the tech goggles while on the court (… yet?). Rather, the team plans to have guys on the bench, cheerleaders, and announcers wear the glasses. Jim Kovach, who is a spokesperson for the electronics company CrowdOptic, told ABC News that the Kings' Google Glass views will then be transmitted to the Jumbotron for fans to see. Kovach added that the Sacramento Google Glass event will not be a one-time occurrence.

Though the Kings haven't had much success on the court in recent years, they are making good use of their proximity to Silicon Valley by innovating with the fan experience. (The Warriors are actually closer to Silicon Valley, but they have other things to worry about—like perhaps contending for a title). It's also interesting that the Kings will unveil this experiment against the Pacers, whose Roy Hibbert recently had a Google Glass stunt of his own.

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