By Andy Gray
January 20, 2014

Signs of the Week

Each Monday in P.M. Hot Clicks, we look at the best fan signs of the past week.

What's Your Take on Richard Sherman?

As we mentioned in A.M. Clicks, Richard Sherman wrote a first-person piece for The MMQB about yesterday's game and his controversial postgame interview with Fox's Erin Andrews. A quick glance at Twitter gives a wide range of opinions, but I'm curious about yours. Vote below.

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CC Sabathia Went On A Diet

After going 14-13 with a 4.78 ERA last season, Sabathia decided to lose some weight.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Claudia Salinas is a model to put on your radar. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram ...  Kate Bock let us behind the scenes of her Glow Magazine cover shoot ... Melanie Iglesias will appear on the cover of about-to-be-released "Ultra Dance 15."

This Would Never Happen 10 Years Ago

An Oklahoma State freshman went to the AVN Awards with a porn star because of his College GameDay sign.

For the Pro Wrestling Nerds

In 1991 The Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon were in the midst of a tense contractual negotiation. Letters between the two from that time have leaked online (including the nugget that Warrior was paid $550,000 for WrestleMania VII) and they provide a pretty fascinating look into the inner workings of pro wrestling.

49 SI Swimsuit Covers = One GIF

The fine folks at have combined every SI Swimsuit cover into one handy GIF. Speaking of SI Swimsuit, here are some of the interviews I conducted from the red carpet. The high point is my in-depth interview (at the 30-second mark) of Genevieve Morton and her cleavage-friendly dress (with a special appearance by my left arm!).

Odds and Ends

The Rock bought his housekeeper a new car ... Johnny Manziel wants everyone to remember that Texas A&M is the true home of the 12th Man ... This is what Sochi really looks like ... Modell's took a gamble on the Patriots that it probably wishes it could take back right now ... Is Tim Tebow training for a UFC career?

Commercial Of The Day

From the perfect timing department, Richard Sherman's new Beats by Dre ad is out.

NHL Fights of the Week

Bloguin has posted its NHL fights of the week, including this bout between Eric Boulton of the Islanders and Jay Rosehill of the Flyers.

Ozzie Guillen Video of the Day

Ozzie Guillen turns 50 today, and we're celebrating with one of his more memorable ejections.

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