By Ben Sin
February 07, 2014

The Sochi toilet madness continues, as more and more photos of ridiculous images of the city's poor toilet configurations pop up all over the net. So much so, in fact, that the Russian officials offered a public denial -- but not before accidentally spilling the beans that there may be hidden surveillance cameras in hotel bathrooms (!).

But then Slate has to go and spoil the fun by pointing out that some of the Sochi toilet images circulating are fake. The piece suggests we all do a bit of research (like, say, browse through Google images), before believing the next crazy Sochi toilet photo.

But this is the thing. Even the real, confirmed Sochi toilet photos have been so ridiculous and WTF-worthy that it almost seems like a parody. So we're going to have a little test. We're going to post eight images of Sochi toilets. Four are real, four are fake ones made up by Conan O'Brien and his team for their show last night. Can you guess which one is real, and which one is a parody?


Conan 2

sochi1  conan 4


conan 3sochi2


Ok, so maybe it's not that tough but just in case...

Real, fake, real, fake, real, fake, real, fake.

[Real photos from Twitter accounts

@Vstarok @IlyaYashin @MaWaiDu @StephStricklen

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