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Classic Photos of Junior

It has been a good week for Dale Earnhardt Jr.He won the Daytona 500, sent out his first tweet and made the cover of SI. SI has been covering Junior since he was little and collected his best photos for this gallery (of which I cherry-picked my favorites above).

Man of the People

How can you not love Mike Matheny? The Cardinals manager determined that the losers of an intra-squad scrimmage would have to perform the duties of the team's clubhouse staff. After the game, Matheny decided to join the losing team and assigned himself to clean toilets. 

Another Reason To Love Kevin Durant

I'm not even sure I would go this out of the way for a random cameraman (though I probably would if my mom was right there).

(Throwback) Lovely Lady Of The Day

The second season of The Americans premiered on FX last night. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to make Keri Russell (a.k.a. - Felicity) today's Throwback LLOD.

Introducing Football Golf

The sport has actually been around since 2009 but I'm just finding out about it now. Is there a course in NYC anywhere?


Sydney Leroux won Instagram a few months ago when she posted photos of her Hawaiian vacation with Alex Morgan. She may have done so again when her attempt at a Happy Gilmore-like golf swing went horribly wrong.

Michael Jordan Made $90 Million in 2013

This is how he did it.

Photo of the Day

Carlos Moncrief :: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Carlos Moncrief :: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

No, Indians outfielder Carlos Moncrief did not catch this ball before it fell into a random kitchen. The kitchen is actually a picture of a kitchen that is on the outfield wall at Goodyear Park.

Odds and Ends

The Toledo Mud Hens will wear Ghostbusters-themed jerseys during a game later this season ... Ravens safety Matt Elam is working at a shoe store this offseason ... Frank Thomas is adamant that Alex Rodriguez will not make the Hall of Fame  ... These people are putting way too much stock on the impact of Dead Poets Society ... Carlton Fisk's home run ball from Game 6 of the 1975 World Series is up for action. It was last sold for $113,273 in 1999 ... Did you know Stacey Kiebler was once a Ravens cheerleader?

Flashback: 1993 MTV Rock N' Jock Basketball Game

John Stewart on commentary.

House of Cards - West Wing Edition

The West Wing opening using the cast of House of Cards.