By Andy Gray
March 10, 2014

This Is How You Propose

Mike Peltz :: Eric Francis/Getty Images Mike Peltz :: Eric Francis/Getty Images

It was senior night at Nebraska on Sunday, and Mike Peltz decided to make it a memorable one. The Cornhuskers reserve guard got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in front of a packed crowd. Though she doesn't appear to say yes, the big hug, tears and ring on her finger indicates a positive response.

Way Too Many Men on the Ice

According to Rule 74 of the NHL Official Rulebook, Five players (in addition to the goalie) are allowed on the ice at once and "players may be changed at any time during the play from the players’ bench provided that the player or players leaving the ice shall be within five feet (5') of his players’ bench and out of the play before the change is made." Florida was a bit confused by the rule during Sunday's game against Boston when they were caught with 11 (yes, 11) players on the ice at once.

Dumb Tweet of the Week

Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo sent out a tweet last night saying, "Let's be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in street crime." When contacted later by Deadspin, he explained his logic by pointing out that the NBA has a high arrest rate and that its punishment for drug tests is weaker than other leagues. So now it all makes sense, I guess.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Clara Alonso has a new set of lingerie photos out, which seems like a very good reason to make her today's LLOD.

New Sport Alert: Goldsprints

The term "sport" may be a stretch but Goldsprints is coming to a bar near you. The premise is simple: two people get on stationary bikes that are set on a metal frame with the front wheels removed. Music starts, the bikers bike and a computer program tracks their progress while a giant screen shows who is in the lead. Fifteen seconds, the race is over, a winner is declared and the next two people compete.

NFL Offseason Report

Matthew Stafford's girlfriend, Kelly Hall, went on a cruise and posted a bunch of photos to Instagram, including her posing with Blake Bortles' girlfriend, Lindsey Duke.

From the SI Vault

Yannick and Joakim Noah :: AP Photo/Elise Amendola Yannick and Joakim Noah :: AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Yannick Noah poses with son, Joakim, in 2005 after his induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Yannick attended Sunday's Heat-Bulls game and gave one of the best (non-Popovich division) interviews of the year when he got lost in the action while speaking with Lisa Salters.

Odds and Ends

Oscar Pistorius threw up in court after hearing the graphic details of his girlfriend’s injuries after he shot her ... Louis CK will host Saturday Night Live on March 29 ... Former WWE diva Stacy Keibler got married over the weekend ... Rashard Mendenhall, 26, announced his retirement from the NFL and his explanation why is worth reading ... Roger Penske had a better weekend than you or I did ... Lance Armstrong dated Ashley Olsen in 2007 until his advisors told him to end it ... Wichita State's conference championship T-shirts have one glaring mistake ...  Is Cheers still funny in 2014? I cannot say yes enough times.

What a Catch!

A Dodgers fan makes a sweet grab during Sunday's game against the Diamondbacks. (HT Holdout Sports)

[mlbvideo id="31475805" width="600" height="336" /]

Feel-Good Video Of The Day

I mentioned the story of 12-year-old New Zealand native Louis Corbett, who is going blind due to a genetic eye disease called retinitus pigmentosa, in Hot Clicks a couple weeks ago as Corbett prepared for his trip to Boston to attend a Celtics game. The visit happened last week and Extra Mustard has all the details.

Cows are Smart

I never spent much time thinking about the intelligence of cows but this video makes a good case.

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