By Ben Sin
March 17, 2014


Three years ago, the techy design shop Analogue Interactive released a fully operational wooden Neo Geo system. Now, apparently not content with just a single turn of impressing the entire gaming industry, AI has emerged from their shop with a new throwback product, and with it they've raised their own already-lofty bar.

It's single-piece aluminium model of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Famicom).

It looks glorious.

Like the wooden Neo Geo, this is no mere emulator with a pretty packaging. The “Analogue Nt” is a fully reengineered NES chipbase based on the original 8-bit hardware. As it's described on AI's site:

The Analogue Nt is designed around the heart and brain of the original NES. We've completely reengineered the original NES while remaining true to the original hardware. This means you’ll be experiencing the NES with the hardware it was designed to be played with.

The Analogue Nt is precision fabricated from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Engineered with an uncompromising attitude to quality. There has never been another video game system like it.

Of course there has never been another video game system like it. The thing is a Nintendo made out of metal. Though the world would be a better place if more people spent more time creating such things, that just isn't the case.

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